As humans, we change our beds, clean our home, wash our clothes and make our living environments the cleanest we can! So once you try, you will absolutely agree that Simbae’s Cleaning Range is your No. 1 choice for sanitising and controlling odour in your pet’s favourite spaces. Our range is safe to use in all pet areas, surfaces, cages, kennels and even pet bedding. The sense of smell is a Dog and Cat’s best asset, they’ll show you they love Simbae!

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Air Freshener

Pets add lots of love to our home, although their odour sometimes lingers on for hours in their favourite spot. Simbae’s Air Freshener emits a full-bodied scent to overcome any pet odours in your home, alcohol-free formula to quickly neutralise the air leaving any room with a wholesome and inviting scent.

  • Safe & Pet Friendly.
  • Alcohol-Free.
  • Quick To Neutralise Odours.
Fresh Apple
Raspberry Bloom