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Simbae’s Cat Grooming Range Consisting of Shampoo’s, Daily Sprays and Detanglers, with the combination of natural extracts, ingredients & signature scents to provide the right nourishment, care & restorative properties for your cat’s fur & skin!

Spoiling Pets is Our #1 Mission.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

From every sale, we will make
a $2 donation to a pet charity.

Tested and loved by Vet,
Groomers & Pet Lovers

Buy 2, Get 1 For FREE + Antibacterial Handwash

Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash

(worth RM49)


Sensitive Shampoo & Daily Spray

Long Hair Shampoo & Daily Spray

Puppy Shampoo & Daily Spray

Dark Fur Shampoo & Daily Spray

Light Fur Shampoo & Daily Spray

De-Shed Shampoo & Daily Spray

All Fur Type Shampoo & Daily Spray

Buy 2, Get 1 For FREE + Antibacterial Handwash